Advances in string theory, wall crossing,
and quaternion-Kähler geometry

August 30 - September 3, 2010,  Institut Henri Poincaré,  Paris

External participants

M. Aganagic UC Berkeley
S. Alexandrov Montpellier
A. BaarsmaUtrecht
D. Calderbank Bath
P. Candelas Oxford
S. Cecotti SISSA
S. Cherkis Trinity Dublin
V. Cortes Hamburg
J. de Boer Amsterdam
F. Denef Harvard
B. DeWit Utrecht
T. Dimofte Caltech
N. Dorey Cambridge
S. Gukov UC Santa Barbara
B. Haghighat Bonn
A. Klemm Bonn
J. Louis DESY 
O. Macia Torino
M. Marino Geneva
G. W. Moore Rutgers
D. Persson ETH Zurich
M. Rocek Stony Brook
S. Salamon Torino
F. Saueressig Mainz
S. Sethi Chicago
S. Shatashvilii Trinity & IHES
Y. Soibelman Kansas State
A. Swann Syddansk
J. Stienstra Utrecht
C. TelemanUC Berkeley
A. Waldron UC Davis

Illustration: Le Passe-Muraille, Marcel Aymé, éditions Gallimard (1972)


M. Kontsevich IHES, Bures sur Yvette
R. Minasian IPHT, Saclay
B. Pioline LPTHE, Paris
S. Vandoren Utrecht U

Local participants

I. Bena IPHT
O. Biquard Inst. de Math Jussieu
P. Boalch DMA
A. CosteCNRS
A. Dabholkar LPTHE
S. El-Showk IPHT 
G. GiecoldIPHT 
M. Grana IPHT 
N. Halmagyi IPHT  & LPTHE
A. Kashani Poor LPTENS
J. Manschot IPHT Saclay
S. MurthyLPTHE 
N. Nekrasov IHES
S. Seki IHES
H. Triendl IPHT

Participation is by invitation, except for local Paris participants. For logistic purposes, please register at email address below.

This activity of the String Theory in Greater Paris community is funded by ESF:ITGP , FRIF, NWO:IRIS, IPhT and Chaire d'excellence ANR.

(updated on 26/08/2010)


Monday 30 Tuesday 31 Wednesday 1 Thursday 2 Friday 3
ChairVandorenCortesDe BoerMinasianWaldron
09.30 - 11.00 Soibelman Salamon Moore Cecotti Gukov
11.30 - 12.15 Denef Rocek Alexandrov Aganagic Persson
Chairde WitCalderbankMarinoCandelasCherkis
14.00 - 14.45 Pioline Louis Klemm Kontsevich Sethi
15.15 - 16.00 Stienstra Swann Dorey Manschot Shatashvilii

Tentative titles  

M. Aganagic Wall Crossing, Quivers and Dimers
S. Alexandrov D-instantons,Quantum mirror symmetry and Integrability
S. Cecotti Quantum monodromy of 4d N=2 theories, TBA and RCFT
F. Denef Wall crossing from supersymmetric galaxies
N. Dorey Wall Crossing and Instantons in Compactified Gauge Theory
S. Gukov Knots, BPS states, and wall crossing
A. Klemm Direct integration in general omega backgrounds
M. Kontsevich Ephemeral thoughts on exponential Hodge structures
J. Louis The moduli space of partially broken N=2 supergravities
J. Manschot Wall-crossing and duality in supergravity
G. Moore Topics in Wall-Crossing
D. Persson Fivebrane Instantons and Hypermultiplets
B. Pioline Hypermultiplet moduli spaces in type II string theories: a mini-survey
M. Rocek Old and new aspects of Hyperkahler Geometry
S. Salamon Quaternion-Kähler geometry
S. Sethi Fun with Fivebranes
S. Shatashvilii Supersymmetric gauge theories and quantization of integrable systems
Y. Soibelman Wall-crossing formulas for motivic Donaldson-Thomas invariants
J. Stienstra Intermediate Jacobians of CY3 and the hypermultiplet moduli space
A. Swann HyperKähler modifications, twists and implosions

This workshop will focus on the following topics, which have been subject of intense research lately:           
  • Hypermultiplet moduli spaces in N=2 gauge and string theories                        
  • Hyperkähler, quaternion-Kähler, and twistor geometry                                  
  • Generalized Donaldson-Thomas invariants and wall-crossing                             
  • NS5-brane partition functions and topological strings                                 
  • Quantum mirror symmetry and instantons                                                
The workshop will take place at Institut Henri Poincaré,  11 rue Pierre et Marie Curie, 75005 Paris, in  Amphithéatre Darboux.
The closest subway stations are RER B Luxembourg and Line 7 Place Monge.

For more information, contact  (needless to say, remove .spam)