30 years of supergravity

A conference celebrating the
"30 years of Supergravity"
is organised in PARIS, October 16-20.

It is dedicated to the memory of Joel SCHERK who would have been 60 years old this year.

The aim of this conference is to present an historical and pedagogical description of these 30 years of supergravity as well as to present reviews on new emergent subjects. It will not be a conference describing most of the works done in the last year.

Monday will be devoted to an introduction and overview of Supersymmetry and Supergravity, for a general audience of theoretical physicists and high-energy experimental physicists.

Tuesday will be concentrate on the construction and phenomelogical applications of the N = 1 and 2 supergravity couplings to matter in four spacetime dimensions, with some incursions to five and six dimensions.

Wednesday, October 18, will be specially dedicated to Joel SCHERK and organised by Lars BRINK and Bernard JULIA. It will not only describe the fundamental contributions of Joel SCHERK to Supergravity but also it not less fundamental contributions to dual models and Superstrings.

Thursday will deal with duality structure and hidden symmetries in extended supergravities in various dimensions, as well as branes in supergravity and superstrings.

Friday will be devoted to new topics from supersymmetry breaking with branes and fluxes, BPS configurations to AdS/CFT correspondence.

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