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The Rencontres théoriciennes take place about every second Thursday, 10:00 am to 13:00 pm at Institut Henri Poincaré.
See the tentative programme of upcoming seminars , the list of previous seminars .

Seminars this week:   ( [hep-th|gr-qc|astro-ph|math-ph|hep-ph|unspec] only, courtesy of SEMPARIS )

APC-TH : TODAY, 14:00, APC: Massimo Porrati : Factorization of IR Dynamics: Soft Black Hole Hair...
MATH-IHES : TODAY, 14:30, IHES: Alexander Soibelman : Motivic Classes for Moduli of Connections
SEM-LPT : TODAY, 16:00, LPT: Tousik Samoui : Mixed Higgs-Radion States at the LHC
IPHT-HEP : TOMORROW, 14:15, IPHT: Ruth Britto : A Hopf algebra for Feynman diagrams and integrals
PT-IHES : TOMORROW, 14:30, IHES: Ali Chamseddine : Resolving Space-Time Singularities in Mimetic Grav...
SEM-PHYS-ENS : Thu 29 Jun 2017, 13:30, DPT-PHYS-ENS: Dam Thanh Son : Hydrodynamics and quantum anomalies
IPHT-PHM : Mon 3 Jul 2017, 11:00, IPHT: Alexios Polychronakos : "Dual formulation, Solitons and Fluid Mechani...

Visitors this week:

No new visitor listed, see the Visitor Program

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