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String theories, supergravity and conformal field theories have been the focus of active research for long in Paris . Several groups are currently pursueing active research in this field, scattered in various universities and institutes both in Paris intra muros (Ecole Normale, Jussieu, Collège de France) and in the near south (Ecole Polytechnique, CEA in Saclay, Orsay, IHES in Bures).

This website is dedicated to coordinating their efforts, by making information readily available about seminars, workshops and visitors. It also aims at making the community more visible abroad, and offers information about job openings in the participating institutes.

If you are already a member of the community , do bookmark this site, advertize it, suggest improvements, and above all share information relevant to other groups (please report seminars and visitors ).

If you are a researcher in string theory from abroad , do let us know if you happen to pass in the area, we may be able to organize a seminar for you. On this site you will find useful information to organize your trip.

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