Cosmology Crash Course
Institut Henri Poincaré , Dec 17-20, 2002

Organized by :

L. Baulieu (LPTHE) M. Joyce (LPNHE)
B. Pioline (LPTHE) P.Windey (LPTHE, Paris 6)

These courses are intended to provide a solid introduction to
recent observational and theoretical advances in cosmology,
mostly aimed at theorists with little prior exposure to the field.

Open to all scientists with an interest in this subject matter.
There is no registration fee, but participants from outside Paris area
please send message to to inform us of your participation.

Invited Speakers :

Blanchard, A (Obs. Midi) Large scale structure formation
Bouchet, F (Paris)Cosmological Microwave Background
Bottino, A (Torino) Particle Candidates for Dark Matter
Brandenberger, R (Brown) Cosmological perturbations
Mukhanov, V (Munich) Introduction to inflationary cosmology
Pietroni, M (Padova) Dark energy and Quintessence
Prokopec, T (Heidelberg) Introduction to baryogenesis
Signore, M (Paris) Review of distant Supernovae

Schedule :

         Tue 17 Wed 18 Thu 19 Fri 20
9h30-11h Mukhanov Mukhanov Brandenberger Pietroni
11h30-13h Bottino Brandenberger Pietroni Blanchard (2h)
14h30-16h Signore Bouchet free Prokopec
16h30-18h Mukhanov Bottino free Bouchet (2h)

Slides of several lectures are now available: (gzipped PDF) [ Bouchet 1 | Bouchet 2 | Pietroni 2 ]

Further information available at

This is an activity of the String Theory in Greater Paris community sponsored by LPTHE .