Cargèse Summer School, June 11 to June 22, 2018

Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique-Université de Corte-Université de Nice-Sophia-Antipolis


June 11 - June 22, 2018

Cargèse Summer School
Quantum Gravity, Strings and Fields

Nima Arkani-Hamed (IAS)
Miranda Cheng (Amsterdam)
Thibault Damour (IHES)
Sergei Gukov (Caltech)
Kyriakos Papadodimas (CERN)
Radu Roiban (Penn State)
Shlomo Razamat (Technion)
Ashoke Sen (HRI)
Amit Sever (CERN)
Steve Shenker (Stanford)
Andrew Strominger (Harvard)
Laurent Baulieu (LPTHE)
Karim Benakli (LPTHE)
Jan de Boer (Amsterdam)
Monica Guica (CEA)
Boris Pioline (LPTHE)
Eliezer Rabinovici (Hebrew)
Pierre Vanhove (CEA)

Administrative Organizer:
Elena Gianolio (CERN)

Supported by CERN

The school will consist of introductory and advanced lectures on the following topics: Quantum Gravity, String Theory, Black Holes, Amplitudes, Holography, Supersymmetric Field Theories.

Location : The institute will be held at the Institut d'Etudes Scientifiques de Cargèse. Cargèse is a pleasant village of considerable charm and historic interest located 50 km north of Ajaccio, on the west coast of Corsica (France). The Institute is located 2 km south of the village.

Applications : The institute will be open by invitation only to approximately 65 participants. To apply, please fill the application form before the deadline of March 18, 2018 [extended from March 15]. Junior applicants should nominate a senior scientist who has agreed to submit a reference letter in support of their application. Participants are expected to cover their own travel and local costs. The cost of the institute, including half board and registration fees, will be around 850 Euros. Very limited funding may become available upon specific request.

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