Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris
August 13 to 24, 2007

External Participants
M. Berkooz
C. Callan
G. Cardoso
M. Cheng
J. David
G. Dall'agata
J. De Boer (*)
F. Denef
B. De Wit
R. Emparan
A. Feingold
E. Floratos
E. Gimon
V. Gritsenko
D. Jatkar
A. Klemm
B. Kol
M. Kontsevich
P. Kraus
F. Larsen
H. Ooguri
S. Mathur
S. Minwalla
S. Murthy
G. Moore
S. Nampuri
S. Ross
A. Sen
K. Skenderis
A. Taormina
M. Taylor
S. Trivedi
S. Vandoren
E. Verlinde
X. Yin
D. Zagier

Organizing Committee
I. Bena (SPhT)  
E. Cremmer (LPTENS),  
A. Dabholkar (LPTHE),  
B. Julia (LPTENS),  
E. Kiritsis (CPHT),  
B. Pioline (LPTHE/LPTENS)  
G. Veneziano (CdF)

Sponsoring Agencies

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Understanding the quantum structure of black holes is a key challenge to any quantum theory of gravity. There has been remarkable progress on this front within string theory and it continues to be a very active area of research.

This workshop will focus on recent developments in this subject, including quantum corrections to black hole geometry and entropy, new classes of black and bubbling solutions in four or higher dimensions, exact counting of black hole and black ring microstates and its relation to automorphic forms, non-BPS black holes, CFT description of AdS black holes, as well as connections to topological strings, algebraic geometry, and number theory.

In the tradition of the Paris Summer Institutes, there will be two specialized seminars per day, leaving a lot of time for discussions. Depending on attendance from mathematicians, we expect to have one focused week exploring the connections between black hole physics and mathematics.

The talks will take place at Departement de Physique de l'ENS, 24 rue Lhomond, Paris 5 (nearest RER/subway stations: Luxembourg, Place Monge, Cardinal Lemoine; see directions ), 2nd floor, salle de Conference IV.

Participation is by invitation only, except for scientists in the Greater Paris area. Participants should arrange their accommodation by themselves, see e.g. our hotel suggestions.

For further information, please contact bhole07 [at] lpthe [dot] jussieu [dot] fr

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